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We developed an extensive strategic roadmap for the implementation of Aareal 2020, including various initiatives and projects for the further development of our Group.

Foundation laid. Milestones achieved.

One of our top priorities is unlocking new revenue potential in both segments; another is to adapt structures and processes to our stakeholders’ requirements in a digital world.

In 2016, we were able to complete all the preparations necessary for the implementation of our programme for the future. Not only did we define the strategic thrusts for the further develop­ment of our business model, initiate corresponding projects and implement first specific initiatives; we also drove numerous structural changes forward, e.g. by readjusting our IT archi­tecture, making our organisational structure more flexible, and further developing our corporate culture.

We have already reaped the first fruits of success by unlocking new revenue potential: for example, we have expanded the US business, expedited our syndication activities in new business and successfully launched innovative digital solutions that provide significant additional value for our clients.

Our programme for the future

In 2017, we will intensify our activities for the further develop­ment of the business model. Taking into account the stable foundation of our core business, it is our aim to gain new customer groups and enter new ecosystems, starting from the housing industry, consistently exploiting opportunities arising from the digitalisation of the finance and property industries. For this purpose, we will expand into attractive markets, make our balance sheet more flexible and reduce non­core assets. At the same time, we continue optimising our processes, in order to make Aareal Bank even more attractive – to clients and shareholders alike. 

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