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Digital solutions

Possessing our unique combination of IT and banking solutions, deep know-how of our customers’ processes and systems, their payment transaction and ERP systems, and thanks to our digitalisation skills, we are in a position to partner our customers into their digital future.

Aareal Bank Group’s Smart World – New digital solutions

Our USPs as key success factors:

Our product pipeline is very well-stocked with digital solutions:

Aareon Smart World Cockpit

The Aareon Smart World Cockpit is being developed on the basis of the British Aareon solution ”360° Field Worker”, which is already on the market in the United Kingdom.

With Aareon Smart World Cockpit, we want to offer German housing companies a complete solution with a compre­hensive, cross­-application view of all relevant information, including a graphical depiction of the properties (showing, e.g., impending maintenance work and current occupancy rates) as well as a comprehensive overview of the tenant profiles. 

The solution can be adjusted according to user preferences. Adding further information and data is also easily done. Users can choose whether they want to access the application via their desktop computer or their mobile phone, and can also gather and edit data in real time. 

19 Aareon Smart World Cockpit 01

Solution strategically pays into platform products, digital solutions, and the expansion of the Housing Industry ecosystem (BRM, CRM) 

Digital customer communication in B2B

After 2015 saw the implementation of all the necessary statutory regulations, Aareal Bank’s first step towards complete digitalisation of client communication was the development of electronic bank statements.

The advan­tages are not just a simplified automated processing of account information and reduced effort for preserving and archiving bank statements; electronic bank statements as a medium also provide the opportunity of exchanging a large volume of information

and data about the processes with the customer, thus allowing us to offer them tailor­-made new products and solutions. Further means of elec­tronic communication will now be developed along the lines of the established structure. 

19 Digitale Kundenkommunikation 02

Solution strategically pays into platform products, the development of the payment transaction service business and the expansion of the Housing Industry ecosystem (CRM) 

Expansion BK 01 eConnect

We pay particular attention to an efficient cooperation between energy utilities and their partner industries.

Thus, we are expanding BK 01 eConnect, our solution for auto­mated and customer-­individual provision of invoice and other data, creating a multi-­format application that allows companies to issue invoices in various file formats, e.g. ZUGFeRD, XML, Excel etc. 

Energy utilities can thus sub­stantially increase their service quality for bundle clients, chains, the property industry and other commercial clients. 

Solution strategically pays into the expansion of further ecosystems (utilities) 

Aareal Sign

Aareal Sign is a multi­bank app which allows companies’ authorised signatories to check the balance of company accounts – at any time and from anywhere – and to release payments carried out by employees – in a secure and legally binding manner.

Users can also incorporate accounts from other banks via the app, thus creating a transpa­rent overview of all their accounts with Aareal Sign. 

The application is based on the EBICS standard and uses the method of Distributed Electronic Signature (VEU).

* Management Board member at the housing corporation Duisburg­-Hamborn eG 

Solution strategically pays into platform products and the development of the payment transaction service business 

Tenant app

A smartphone application designed as a daily companion for tenants is about to be launched in Germany.

In France and the UK, tenant apps like this are already in use, ena­bling users to take care of rental and general living matters anytime, anywhere. This includes, for example, handing in notifications of claims, keeping track of the processing status of requests, downloading forms and certificates or reviewing contracts and master data. 

A calendar informs the users about important events, e.g. impending con­struction work, when an electricity meter reading has to be taken, or any other kind of upcoming event. Lastly, the app also offers a ’community function‘ with which neigh­4bours can exchange information. 

21 Mieter App 02

Solution strategically pays into platform products and the expansion of the Housing Industry ecosystem (CRM) 

Trace & Treasury

Trace & Treasury is an integrated cloud computing solution for managing and appraising assets and liabilities.

Used as part of a treasury management system, the software also supports your daily cash management. All data can be transferred into scenarios, in order to carry out a complete economic planning. 

The software has already been launched in the Netherlands and is currently being adapted to the requirements of other countries. 

21 Trace Treasury 03

Solution strategically pays into the expansion of the Housing Industry ecosystem 

Mapping of product examples shown:

Processing chain Aareal Bank Group – market – clients

We develop these products and solutions with modern, agile working methods, such as the joint development of solutions with our clients in the

Aareon DesignLab

The key to finding new and innovative ideas is to seek unconventional ways. And using so­called ‘design thinking’ is one such way.

This method is a structured process for the development of new digital – and, most importantly, user-­oriented – solutions. However, an environment that really gets your creative juices flowing is indispensable if you want to use the entire potential of design thinking. Thus, in 2016, we created the DesignLab at Aareon. Since then, we have already hosted numerous innovation workshops using the principle of ’design first, develop later‘.

Rolf Hammesfahr, Head of IT at LEG Immobilien AG, says: ”While design thinking was not a completely new experience for us, actually develop­ing a specific new digital solution with this agile method in Aareon’s DesignLab was a first. The workshop wasn’t just exciting, it was also productive, user­ and target-­oriented.” 

23 Aareon Design Lab 01

Interview with Prof. Dr Dr-Ing. Jivka Ovtcharova

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