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Segment strategy

In our Consulting/Services segment, we offer specialised banking services and electronic banking solutions, automated mass payments, as well as software, advisory and other services for the optimisation of IT-based processes.

Our growth driver: the Consulting/ Services segment

Our subsidiary Aareon AG is the leading international consultancy and IT systems house for the property sector in Europe. 

Thomas Ortmanns Gross
We offer our clients in the property and energy sectors a unique combination of specialised banking services, software products and digital solutions. Thomas Ortmanns Member of the Management Board of Aareal Bank

In the years to come, we will systematically expand our dynamic Consulting/Services business segment, by using our position as the leading ERP provider in Europe. Thus, we will be able to grow in the digital housing industry ecosystem. We will also extend our cross­-border sales activity, launch additional products for the ERP systems we provide, and con­tinuously expand our range of new digital solutions.

Segment Consulting/ Services

CRE: Commercial Real Estate; SRM Supplier Relationship Management; BRM: Building Relationship Management; CMR: Customer Relationship Management

We will not only offer our products and services to the housing industry, but increasingly also to related sectors, in particular to utilities. We especially recognise potential in the payments transaction service business, IT service and IT consulting. The next steps will be to continue developing our existing platform products that facilitate management tasks for housing companies. We will also expand our range of payments transaction services and IT products, to also include our customers’ customers (B2B2C) as well as smaller housing companies and managers.

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