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Start-up strategy

Cooperating with start-ups is of great strategic importance, as it allows us to offer clients optimal solutions. This is why we are specifically looking for areas of cooperation.

Start­ups often view things from a different perspective, have unconventional ideas, and their problem­-solving strategies also differ from ours, making such a cooperation extremely rewarding.

Naming an example is easy for Dr Manfred Alflen, Chairman of the Management Board at Aareon AG: ”The cooperation between Aareon and KIWI. KI is a perfect case. We entered into a sales cooperation agreement with this Berlin­-based start­ up in November 2016, and both parties are already benefiting strongly. KIWI. KI has developed an intelligent, keyless entry access system, which simplifies our customers’ property main­tenance, as the digital access system allows owners to pass on key privileges to – for example – tradesmen, without any­one having to be at home. Thus, we interconnect housing companies, tradesmen and tenants or owners in an even sim­pler and more efficient way than before.”

”As we want to establish further cooperations like this one in order to find forward­-looking ideas for our clients, we monitor the start-­up market closely and systematically”, Ernst remarks. ”Our start­-up strategy doesn’t only include market monitoring and analysis, but also partnerships, participations, product integration, and taking part in start­up events. The newest pro­ject is our involvement in the first German PropTech accelerator, which we support alongside other established companies from the property industry. This six­-month accelerator pro­gramme promotes innovative digital business models within the property industry. We are already looking forward to the results, which will be presented this summer.”

”Aareal Bank Group sees itself as a kind of ’gravitational field‘ for start­-ups. Our aim is an in­-depth exchange with the start­-up community, as this enables us to benefit from each other’s capabilities and experience, thus promoting the innovation power of our industry”, Holger Spielberg, Group Managing Director Group Technology, adds. 

KIWI – The keyless access system

Dr Ing. Christian Bogatu, co-­founder and Managing Director Business Development at KIWI. KI, comments: ”As a young and innovative company, we are delighted to have entered into a partnership with Aareon, the established, market­-leading consultancy and systems provider. Aareon is a particularly interesting partner since our KIWI solution is an ideal fit for Aareon Smart World. This means that our partnership, which has been designed for the long term, offers additional poten­tial.” 

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