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Our approach

Digitalisation has already changed our world lastingly – and will continue doing so. It is all-encompassing, omnipresent, and has a significant influence upon the economy and society.

Thinking ahead. Shaping the future. 

It creates new client needs as well as new business models, breaking up value creation chains and revolutionising the way we communicate.

In fact, it was several years ago that Aareal Bank Group began bracing itself for the disruptive force of the upcoming digitalisation. Thanks to our unique combination of banking and IT services, we are pioneers of the digital age within our sector – in many areas. For us, the constant technological change presents an opportunity to create additional value for our clients, while at the same time achieving new revenue potential. It is our aim to accompany and advise our clients in their use of new digital opportunities, to provide pioneering solutions, tailor-made to their needs, and to shape the future – together with our clients. 

We are optimally positioned to capitalise on technological change in the best way possible on the one hand, and to implement the strategic thrusts of Aareal 2020 on the other: by combining our decades of experience in financing solutions and services (especially in the housing industry) with our outstanding technological expertise, which we have gained – not least thanks to our own market-leading IT subsidiary Aareon. With numerous innovative digital products, our range of services is already setting standards. In order to anticipate new developments and trends at an early stage, we are intensifying our collaboration with start-ups and continuously investing in technological know-how. We also attach great importance to innovative freedom within the Group. Our customer relationships are characterised by a high level of mutual trust and long-standing cooperation. 

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