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Our digital roadmap

Within Aareal 2020, it is our aim to develop the best possible solutions for our clients Group-wide by exploiting the advantages of digitalisation. At the same time, we want to expand our pioneering role as a provider of innovative digital solutions for our clients.

Our digital roadmap within the Group 

We have developed a digital roadmap with four strategic thrusts, enabling us to structure the many innovative ideas we have: 

The four dimensions of digitalisation

  • Develop new digital solutions We want to provide innovative solutions in the areas of customer relationship management (CRM), business relation­ship management (BRM) and supply relationship manage­ment (SRM) – based on a digital platform strategy. Close cooperation with start­up companies ensures our solutions are as innovative as possible, and at the same time benefit our clients as much as possible.
  • Development of new financing and payment transaction solutions We are extending our range of services with tailor­made apps, together with payment transaction and data processing solutions. Simultaneously, we are creating a new platform for our digital products with an online portal. 
  • Further development of our existing product portfolio We are engaged upon further systematic development of our existing products, creating solutions which set technological standards. Our ERP portfolio and our BK 01 product family are especially important. We will also transfer solutions, which have only been used nationally until now, into other countries.
  • Optimisation of organisational performance We are using the opportunity that digitalisation offers us to further develop and improve our customer communication channels. Hence we are expanding our digitally supported customer service offers, optimising our customer care and database systems, and organising our sales network in a more flexible way. We are also aiming at generating new potential synergies for product development. 

We support our customers with new products and services, optimising their business processes and enhancing the latter’s efficiency. By digitalising their processes, companies can increase customer satisfaction and thus also the level of customer loyalty. Another opportunity that digitalisation provides is to be able to create the foundation of a modern infrastructure with a comfortable interface, and to enable a system­-integrated electronic data interchange with opti­mised processing operations for our clients and their business models.

Our digital roadmap also encompasses the expansion of activities into new countries, as well as extending the range of activities in countries where we are already active. Our scheduled new products serve as promising market entry and differentiation opportunities. Therefore, our digital roadmap acts as a central pillar of our growth strategy, in which the three specific thrusts – Adjust. Advance. Achieve. – are firmly rooted.

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Our aim: Aareal Bank Group will be the leading provider of smart financing, software products and digital solutions for the property sector and related industries. Hermann J. Merkens Chairman of the Management Board

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