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Living, reconceived – smart, mobile, sustainable

Digital solutions open the door to new possibilities for our homes and the processes related to residences and properties.

The connected home

We feel most at ease within our own four walls. It is our place of retreat where we recover; where we surround ourselves with the people and things we love. But our home also means work: shopping, cleaning, paying bills, making repairs and ensuring there is energy and water are tasks that we tend not to look forward to.

This is where digitalisation, and the internet of things in particular, opens the door to new possibilities. It can mean that in future, having to actually do many of the things that seem like a hassle will fall to the wayside. Instead, such tasks will be completed automatically using smart technology. Day-to-day life will not only be simplified, it will also make it possible for many people who were overwhelmed by these tasks to live independently for the first time.

Smart homes and smart buildings will also mean that processes related to residences or properties will be structured more affordably, efficiently and quickly. This is because digitalisation is not only taking root in connected and remotely operated devices within the building, but also in administrative, utilities and billing processes.

It has already taken hold in energy consumption measuring and billing, heating and air conditioning regulation, maintenance and repair work scheduling and completion as well as vacant property management or service charge invoicing. But this is only the beginning. Increasing connectivity in properties and residences holds even greater promise.

Digital ideas for the housing sector

With its range of services, Aareal Bank Group has a direct influence on the rise of connectivity in the housing sector. In many of its solutions, such as the BK01 procedure, it is a market leader enjoying extensive expertise in structures, processes and products. This is especially the case when it comes to payment and ERP systems.

"Our decades of experience afford us tremendous insight into structures and developments within the housing sector and related markets," said Lars Ernst, Group Managing Director, Group Business Consulting & Services. "This enables us to closely assess the opportunities and potential of digital solutions, and leverage that assessment to develop promising ideas and business models. We are particularly interested in solutions for process optimisation and sector connectivity."

One area where Aareal Bank Group sees potential for growth is a rise in connectivity between the housing sector and the energy sector. With BK01 immoconnect and BK01 eConnect, Aareal has already developed two solutions that connect the housing and energy sector digitally, making processes between the two sectors more streamlined. Whilst BK01 immoconnect optimises data exchanges between housing and energy companies, BK01 eConnect makes it possible for digital billing documents to be generated and sent flexibly for individual clients in all the widely used formats.

Electronic invoicing – in 50 seconds: experience the interaction between BK01 eConnect and BK01 Invoice Data Processing:

BK01 invoice data processing, which is used by organisations such as VIVAWEST, recently saw the complete digitalisation of review mechanisms and liquidity management in connection with energy invoices and payments.

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Using BK01 invoice data processing, we can see hands-on what digitalisation means in an ideal world: seamless, automated end-to-end electronic processes – in an area which used to require more manual workload than almost any other. Sabine Thöne VIVAWEST Wohnen, Gelsenkirchen

More than 15 years ago, Aareon revolutionised the way tradesmen were instructed, with the advent of the Mareon service portal. Mareon is an internet-based service portal that connects tradesmen and housing companies on a virtual platform, cutting administrative expenses and making processes faster for everyone involved, with a particular advantage for tenants.

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Mareon's user base has grown to include over 300 housing companies and roughly 8,500 trades enterprises. Last year it expanded its services range once again. One such addition is the integration of KIWI, a keyless door access system. This system makes it possible to administer long-term and temporary access authorisations. Tradesmen no longer require a physical key to access a building, which means tenants or landlords do not have to open the door. Once the repairs or maintenance works have been completed, the access authorisation expires.

KIWI – The keyless access system

In addition, Aareal Bank Group entered into a variety of different partnerships that help to expand the range of digital services it offers to the housing sector. These include, for example, collaborations between Aareon and the startups Intent Technologies and Immomio.

Intent Technologies

Founded in 2011, this French company offers the first data management platform for the housing sector. The aim is improved use of the home and work environments. Used in more than 500,000 units in the housing market, the IntentPlatform streamlines data access, as well as sharing and analysing data generated by service providers within the sector.


Immomio has set out on a course to revolutionise the letting process for the housing sector. The Hamburg-based startup began in 2014 with a web-based customer acquisition management system for management and lettings agents that makes the online search for tenants almost entirely digital thanks to a proprietary matching algorithm – a solution that saves a considerable amount of time, and therefore cost, for both providers and potential tenants.

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