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A new kind of workplace

None of us know what the world will look like in 15 or 20 years’ time. One thing is clear though: it is becoming increasingly networked, and it is changing faster than any of us could possibly imagine. This has a significant impact on the way we work and interact within organisations.

Digital technology in particular enables (and requires) new forms of collaboration between employees, and also between employees and machines. This means that the demands placed on those involved continue to grow, as do those placed on business processes and structures.

As part of its "Aareal 2020" programme for the future, Aareal Bank Group is working hard to address the challenges facing tomorrow's working environment, in order to take advantage of opportunities arising from new forms of work and organisation as early as possible. That is why we are heavily involved in developing 'new work' concepts, enhancing our corporate culture and raising our employees' awareness of issues such as agile project management and new workplace infrastructure.

Essentially, the question is how we want to work together in the future – in order to continue being successful as a company. The answer lies in the need for conscious design of communication and collaboration across the board, both of which help to create greater transparency among each other – about where we stand in our ideas for our clients. This is why in 2018 our leadership model has been aligned to these aspects, among other things. There are many more initiatives in our organisation which are helping us to promote this attitude. Here are some examples:


Aareon AG, in its capacity as an innovative company, launched the "work4future" project back in 2017. Based on the existing principles of a human resources policy aligned to different phases in life, it focuses on enhancing work models, especially in light of increasing mobility, effective and smart employee collaboration, and the digital workplace.

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Open-space conference area

An open-space conference area with plenty of room for ideas, agility, flexibility and creativity – all of these aspects were at the heart of the redesign of Aareal Bank AG's conference area in Wiesbaden. Not only have new rooms been created, but a supportive infrastructure for "new-work" concepts has been established.

Innovation get-togethers

Aareal Bank AG's innovation get-togethers ensure that knowledge is shared on relevant technology trends and innovation topics. Internal and external speakers provide new insights, ideas and inspiration across all departments.

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IT Vernissage

The concept of an IT "vernissage" aims to facilitate the sharing of knowledge among colleagues. The idea behind it is that IT employees present results and findings gained from their own various projects and initiatives to each other, and to any other employees who may be interested. In doing so, they are successfully using agile methods and formats.

Innovation blog

The innovation blog is where employees can share their experience and expertise. These insights, especially into new forms of cooperation with clients, internal divisions and research centres, make it easier for other colleagues to get to grips with similar issues.


Taking part in the Bankathon, a FinTech and banking hackathon that brings together the various players in the financial sector all on an equal level, leads to a flood of new ideas and experiences every year. There really is no other place like this – a place where you will find so many innovative approaches and promising process and product improvement ideas.

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