Prepared for tomorrow

Annual Report 2019

Aareal Bank can look back on a successful financial year. We reached our targets, whilst building the foundations for a sustainable continuation of our positive performance. We have strengthened our robust base, and are exploiting new potential.

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We have made our Group more powerful, but also more robust. Hermann J. Merkens Chairman of the Management Board of Aareal Bank AG

To our Shareholders

Thinking ahead. Designing a more connected tomorrow.

Making the property industry of tomorrow tangible – today. From many perspectives. Whether it's about platform solutions for payment transactions, the future of student housing, or the way we cooperate: we are actively taking part in shaping our future, the future of our sector, and that of our clients. What is our tomorrow holding ready for you today? Take a peek at our seven trend topics.

Sustainable company management

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Innovations shape our future

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Our business

We strive to offer our clients pioneering solutions for decisive competitive advantages, enabling long-term business success. With our expertise as a provider of smart financing, software products, digital solutions, and payment transaction applications in the property sector and related industries, we are a partner on an equal footing.

Innovation responsibility

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You can get pretty smart answers to silly questions; you just have to dig a bit deeper. Wolf Lotter Business journalist and book author