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In the Consulting/Services segment, as a digitalisation partner we offer comprehensive consultancy and product solutions to companies from the housing and property industries.

We strive to contribute to the highest possible efficiency of their business processes, to the optimisation of their customer services, and to the development of new business models. An important part of our services is connecting the housing and property industry with closely related sectors, especially the energy industry.

On the one hand, banking products and service offerings in the Consulting/Services segment relate to banking services associated with account management, with a focus on payment transactions. These services are provided by Aareal Bank AG – for many years a market leader for integrated payment transaction and booking systems for the institutional housing industry in Germany. Thus, the Bank also offers comprehensive solutions for cross-sector mass payments between the housing and energy industries.

Unique selling propositions

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The other arm of products and services in the Consulting/Services segment is offered by our subsidiary Aareon AG and relates to consulting, software, and services for digital property management. Aareon is a leading European consultancy and IT systems house for the property industry and its partners in the digital age. ERP systems are at the core of the digital ecosystem Aareon Smart World; they can be interconnected with numerous digital solutions. This integration simplifies processes, makes them more transparent and more convenient, enabling relevant stakeholders, such as property companies, business partners, and tenants/owners, to be connected with each other. Integrating buildings and building technology is also possible. Aareon's digital solutions include CRM solutions for customer relationship management with tenants/owners, portals for tradesmen or document management systems.

Our unique combination of IT and banking solutions allows us to offer all services from a single source; we are industry experts and a reliable IT partner at the same time. Clients appreciate our deep-rooted knowledge of processes and systems and our broad range of services – especially when it comes to the joint development of customised solutions.

€ 10.7 billion

Amount of managed deposits
(2019 average)

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