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Quote frontpage © Uwe Nölke

Article: Diverse. Platform-based. The future of payment transactions in the housing industry. © unsplash / Blake Wisz

Article: Logistics of the future: green, digital, and urban. © istockphoto / ollo

Article: What cooperation can look like in the digital age. © gettyimages / Tom Werner

Article: Platform solution? Product innovation! Cooperation reconceived. © stocksy / Studio Firma

Article: Student housing – a relevant asset class with growth potential. © istockphoto / Vasyl Dolmatov

Article: Climate change meets Structured Property Financing. © gettyimages / Alexander Spartari

Article: Not just electricity. The digital transformation of utilities. © istockphoto / millann

Article: Innovation responsibility © S. E. Paulus


Our Group, Interview: Hermann J. Merkens © Uwe Nölke

Our Group, Company Profile: Eingang Wiesbaden © Jörg Puchmüller

Our Group, Our responsibility: Hermann J. Merkens © Jörg Puchmüller

The future of payment transactions: © unsplash / Blake Wisz

The future of logistics: © istockphoto / ollo

Collaboration in the digital age: © gettyimages / Tom Werner

Collaboration in the digital age: Henning Zander © Aareal Bank AG

‘Platforming’ & collaboration: © stocksy / Studio Firma

‘Platforming’ & collaboration: Dr. Imad Abdallah © Angelika Stehle

An asset class with potential for growth: © istockphoto / Vasyl Dolmatov

An asset class with potential for growth: Bettina Graef-Parke © Uwe Nölke

Sustainable economic activity: © gettyimages / Alexander Spartari

Energy service providers 4.0: © istockphoto / millann

Innovation responsibility: Wolf Lotter © S. E. Paulus